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The World's Healthiest Foods
from The George Mateljan Foundation (a non-profit organization).

Star Chefs
Recipes from famous chefs.

Cooking forum includes articles from a NY Chef, a Pastry Chef and a former tv contestant of Survivor: The Australian Outback & All-Stars.

Many useful recipes to inspire you to try something new. Includes rate a recipe feature.

Fabulous Foods
Lots of well organized recipes. By theme and type.

Copy Kat
Recipes inspired by favorite restaurant dishes.

Top Secret Recipes
Lots of changing brand name food imitations, taste tested and made available for a limited time.

Drinks, recipes food. Includes recipes from Gourmet and Bon Appetit

Culinary Cafe
Well organized and easy to use. Includes a spice encyclopedia to learn all about a common spice (very cool).

Food Network
Lots of recipes and and limited time recipes. Try their healthy recipe section.

All Recipes
You guessed it!

Recipes! Well organized.

Delicious Decisions
Recipes from from the American Heart Association.

Food Fit
Healthy Recipes and meal planning. Includes heart healthy nutritional info. Theres even a place where you can share your favorite recipes with others!

Emeril's cooking guide magazine.

Recipe Source
Recipes Galore! The new home of SOAR: Searchable Online Archive of Recipes *Formerly found at : Good for hard to find stuff.

Desserts Magazine

That's My Home Recipes
a nice recipes site.

Food Related
Coffee Geek Coffee forum.

Food Museum Online exhibits about food and food history.

Zagat Restaurant Suggestions.

Cooking For Engineers An interesting Food Web Blog(Personal Web Journal). Check out his entry on Food Additives.

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