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* Note site news has been edited to conserve readability.

July 19-20, 2013 Some Link Updates, minor news feed repairs. General Site maintenance.

7/7/2013 1:26:55 PM This past weeks Overhaul of FFALP page (add free link) complete. FFALP site Policy change: Now a review is required before links there go live. Most old links removed for a clean start.

Repairs to Celebrity News with a minor(APRX 6 hOURS) design change today.

The summer heat is blazing hot outside! AC is on!!

10/30/2012 8:55:55 PM Corrected a problem that prevented main start page from completeley loading, that occured during the storm hurricane Sandy.

10/09/2012 4PM Corrected an error that took down part of the main page. errrr... Wow! Last post here 2007! But there have been some site edits here and there over these years. Email service stable and was unaffected.

12/02/2007 Overhall of Main Page, to compliment the email service improvements. Went live about 5AM after an all night overhall. Snow on the ground this morning. It's cold! Also recoded TV Zipcode input on TV Page.

2/12/2006 Various site changes since last entry, Opening of a Random Movie database for the main page at 230 AM ET during a blizzard!

2/06/2005 Renovation of Celebrities Online including design changes for easier use.

10/09/2004 Various updates throughout the year. ICQ chat upgrades. New ffalp link page. Email Service upgrades.

3/31/2004 Technical and design upgrades since July 2003. This site news edited, key highlights are mostly left.

10/14/2002 Various updates over past months including Major renovation of Celebrities Online, Design changes to main page and various links added.

4/08/2002 Yesterday Official Launch of OuterSpace and Today Additional content added to that section.

11/13/2001 Official launch of email service redesign. Various updates and upgrades to the site over the past month.

09/16/2001 Main Page color scheme Redesigned, minor modifications to further increase main page speed load time.

09/07/2001 Offical Launch of Music Directory

08/20- 8/30/2001 Official Launch of optional pay premium email services in addition to our free version.

01/13/2001 *Wireless Site Launched. See the Wireless Demo. Will be experimenting with wireless Services. Nothing Big yet, but there is lots of potential.

01/07 - 01/06/2001 *Web display compatability updates.Minor edits of Javascripts and Javascript navigation. Minor Edits, updates. Renovation of Television Connection started and completed.

11/20/00 - 01/02/2001 *Minor code updates, Charities Links added. Received the Golden Web Awards Seal of Approval 2000-2001. Background colors/designs for email service added.

9/03/2000 *Launch of Free Email and community service! New mutually beneficial Partnerships established with web based companies.

8/31- 9/02/00 *Fully Moved in to a new site host. Major site restructuring for better maintenance.

8/13/2000 *Our New Web Address! is now official. Developing new StarsPath community chat/posting and free email. Coming soon!

8/12/2000 *Our New Web Address! Should be available for use soon. *Also Site overhall.

6/06/2000 *Brand New Salary Planner V 1.0 and Redesigned Budget Planner V 1.1 released.

4/24/2000 *Launch of an exciting new card and fun email cards service.

StarsPath Computer Security Guide

Fast Tip:
Note, if you want you can run several ad cleaners, anti spyware programs, as long as they are not all running an active monitor at the same time to avoid conflicts.
Firewalls, you should only have one. If nothing else use Windows XP or later built in firewall for some protection. Suggest To install another one this way: Disconnect from the internet(unplug internet connection cable), Disable Windows Firewall(if enabled). Install another one, reconnect cable to internet. If a restart is required, then,do that first(before reconnecting cable).
You also really only need one antivirus running. Two, will conflict each other.

See the Latest Security Threats
From the makers of Norton Antivirus.

Internet ScamBusters
Avoid web scams. Latest scam warnings, news.
Also see Snopes for Urban Legends

Computer internet surfing sluggish? Ad Popups?
Try AdAware Remove spyware, ad programs.

About Firewalls
Windows XP and windows 7 have basic windows firewall(better than none). Click start, then type in firewall and presss enter to configure it or see if its on. Click here for more info on how firewalls work.

Also good:

If you would like to test your current internet security try
Gibson Research Corporation
Click Shields Up. Shields up will test your computer for some security issues. Also see Hot Spots section there.

Microsoft Online Safety

Microsoft Security General


Firewall and antivirus free for home use. You can also install firewall alone without antivirus. I was fairly happy with Zone Alarm till windows 7 came along and they did not yet have a version for it. I saw potential issues already with that, and considering the recent conflict and ininstall issues I ran in to with it, I tried Comodo firewall and am happy with it. The stand alone firewall seems to run fine with Avast, my antivirus of choice(see below). The interface on Zone Alarm may be a little more beginner user friendly.

Free Personal Internet Firewall!!(charge for business use).
If you decide to use it, read the tutorial after Zone Alarm install to understand how to set it. It's not just set and forget, but is pretty easy to understand. Suggest you install the trial version, it's a cleaner install. It becomes free when expires.
Also See CNets Zone Alarm Review
Overall, a great product, but as of late there have been some uninstall issues and conflicts with CA Antivirus.

About Antivirus protection
Anti virus programs help stop computer viruses, trojans and worms that can harm your computer. You can get these while downloading files, using the internet or in email attachments. Get more info on viruses here

Antivirus Programs

For home use free! I have heard good things about both this and AVG. Avast is my current favorite. It gets really expensive paying for the new antivirus every year. These free antivirus are payed for by the commercial users that buy them.

Also very popular, free for non-commercial and Home use.

*Computer tip:

Windows 7, Windows XP: To uninstall software you have installed
You uninstall it by using the uninstall program in the control panel. To reach control panel click the windows 7 start button(lower left pc screen), control panel, Programs and features
or in windows xp click start, settings, control panel, then add remove programs icon(it may be called something else).

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